Basics of Judicial Exams

A basic google search on judicial examination will not bring you the information you had hoped for. The fact that you have landed up here, shows that you followed all the hits and have specific goals and objectives. That is a very good thing. It tells me that you are willing to put in the effort that is required and secondly that you are willing to use the internet to your advantage.

Every state has its own pattern and own syllabus. For example Delhi and Haryana have objective type of questions in the prelims and subjective Mains. Rajasthan (Mains) have to be given in a question and answer booklet with limited space. In Haryana (Mains), you will get only one answer booklet for the entire paper. Should you use it unwisely, you will not be able to answer the rest of the questions.

The point of letting you know this is not to scare or confuse you. More often than not, the recent graduates are already used to a particular format of answering a paper.  This information is being given to help you adjust to the thought of a new pattern faster.

Given below, is a point wise introduction to the judicial examinations:

1. Every state has it’s own judicial examinations. In most cases, they are overseen by the particular High Court in consultation/co-ordination with the State Public Commission.

2. The examination pattern is keeping in mind the posts advertised. The blog, presently, does not contain information for ADJ examinations etc.

3. You should, ideally speaking, first prepare for the Mains and then for the Preliminary. In case of a time crunch, three months is more than sufficient to see you through if you have a decent background with the subjects. Again, this might be sufficient in Haryana where the number of subjects are lesser but insufficient in Rajasthan with 40+ legislation being tested. Others like Delhi or UP have a GK component, that can increase the time you must spend of studying.

4. For Mains, stress on fundamentally understanding the material. Sections and unrelated specifics can be ignored as most examinations will provide a bare act during the course of the paper. It is your familiarity with the bare act, questioning attitude for the rationale behind usage of words or sentences in statements and problems as well as generally knowledge of application of a section will see you through with flying colors.

5. For example, reading the bare act time and again, being aware of what lies where and the ability to remember information from the index of sections consitutes familiarity with the bare act. The questioning attitude will help you in your Law Mains, the Essays, the GK paper as well as the interview. Do not ignore it. If you have not studied a particular point, this attitude will help you eliminate the wrong options. Understanding application of sections will come through pursuing commentaries and digest or by following cases in the related fields.

6. For preliminary examinations, we have to have an overview of the subjects and good knowledge about the landmark cases and the history of legal setup in India and abroad. For example, Who was the first Chief Justice of India? Where is the International Court of Justice situated? How many judges are there in the ICJ? etc. Illustrations and important provios should never be ignored.

7. Along with the Law syllabus (which is different for different states), you will have papers for Hindi and English. These will include Essays, Comprehension, Proverbs and Grammer etc.

The judicial examinations are easy to crack provided you have studied and understood the core principles of law. I am here to help you try and recognise these as well as provide free sample question papers, previous years question papers(solved) and any other information that you will require to prepare for the examinations.

Please note that the views expressed here are my own and not subscribed to by any Commission or Examining Authority. I am only providing information based on my experience. In case of doubt, please do not use any of this material for I am not, in any manner whatsoever, guaranteeing success. Thus, I will not be liable for any loss, if any, occurs due to information presented on this blog or advice given by me. I am only trying to equip you with the tools I have found helpful.


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    1. Hi
      In my opinion, postal coaching centres may not really serve the purpose as they provide the materials only. As long as you have the bare acts, the basic book on each subject and have the previous years question papers, you will find that the material from the institutes will merely repeat the same.
      You mentioned you were interested in the Haryana Exam so there are a few institutes in Chandigarh that I have visited that provide the postal courses. I will post the contact details shortly. Please remember I had not joined any of those institutes and I will post the contact details merely on the basis of my interaction with the staff and claims made in their prospectus. Verify the same before enrolling.

    1. Hi Munish
      I do not have the full syllabus of the Rajasthan Judicial Services paper. However, I will put up the syllabus details as provided in the forms for the 2009 paper very shortly. Hope that helps people desirous of giving it next year.

    1. Hi Vinay
      I apologize about the delay. The Rajasthan Exam is already over. I am not aware of any online sample papers that are available. However, I will post the older papers that I have managed to get my hands on. The pattern of Rajasthan Exam will serve as a good practice for other papers too.
      Hope you did well in the Exam in Feb.

      1. hi K im sangeeta preparing for RJS 2013 if notification is out can u provide me some older papers of RJS if u have it will be good practice ……n guide me how to start for the exam

  1. Hi

    I am working at a reputed law firm in bombay. I am planning to appear for the Delhi Judiiary Exam but have to start from scratch. Do you think its a good idea to first concentrate on the Prelims preparation and appear with full preparation next year after going through the prelim stage once? How to start preparation for prelims (I am specifically referring to the GK section)? Don’t think joining coaching classes would be possible or me, how else should i follow track?

    1. Hay tanvi, dun stress too much on gk rather trying to improve and practise english grammer as much as possible for djs prelimns.

      Thanx and best of luck

  2. hi. i m planning to prepare for m.p. judicial exams as well as delhi judicial exams. kindly give me details regarding the syllabus for both states exam and also suggest me good coaching centeres for its preparations. thankyou.

  3. Hi Sir,

    I am an aspirant for Government Services including Judiciary, Law Officers in Banks, UPSC, any/all government services. Please advice with all the details which could help me succeed in these examinations.

    Kindly provide me with solved question papers for all the examinations (specially law papers), if possible. I would remain ever obliged.

    Imran Shah

  4. I want to join coaching for DJS prepration. Either joining an institute would be preferred or personal coaching will help. Do you have information on any such coaching institutes in delhi.

  5. hello sir,
    i m 3rd year in chanakya national law university, patna,its not my hope but well desired to join judicial services, sir please advise me how i start from the sir please give directions from which book i prefers or if u have old papers of rajasthan judicial services or any others judicial services. please sent on my mail id.

  6. my sister is a student in 4thyaer in 5year course of law. its her passion to join the judiciary.we need to know all about proedures , sample papers,timings and guidelines for the preprations. if you have the exam papers please send me on my mail id.

  7. Dear Sir, I am a 2nd year student of Law centre I in Delhi,first I would congratulate and thank you for providing thid guidence plateform. Sir I am in service and want to prepare for lower Ju. my age is 30+. Please guide me the way,mainly the manner of writing style of presentation,how to use internet for this.
    Thanks waiting for ur reply

  8. Sir,
    When are delhi judicial services examinations proposed to be held in 2010? Can u suggest any good coaching institute for preparing for DJS?

  9. Hello sir,
    i am preparing for higher judiciary exams my humbly request to u please send me solved papers of higher judiciary on my email. I will very thank full to u.


  10. Hello sir,
    i am doing 3 years law from PU. i am in 4th semester currently and wanted to prepare for judicial exams. so can you just guide me that how should i start and also provide me with sample papers(previous year papers).
    thank you.

  11. Sir
    Thank u very much for the guidance…..i m preparing for delhi and haryana judiciary….it will b very kind of u if u provide me the syllabus and the past question papers of these…..

  12. hello i am appearing for this year’s west bengal judicial exam.if you can help me by giving some notes on limitation and law of prescription.

  13. I am post graduate in law and trying for Haryana Civil services (Judiacial Branch). From where i can get study material and guidance for the preparation of exam .

    1. Hi Rajneesh
      Sorry for the late reply. Well the two hour paper is quite simple. Do know your headings and the easier questions in the procedural codes. Syllabus is as such not available for prelims. For study materials, there are plenty of books available in Sector 17 stores. Try not to completely rely on the books which have simple mcqs wherein the sections of the act have been turned into questions.

      Best of Luck for Sunday! Hope you do great.

  14. hi i want to appear for higher judicial service examination where ever i am able appear. specially Himachal Pradesh Judiciary. presently i am practicing in Bombay High Court. Can any one help an guide me where to start and how? pls

  15. Hi,
    I myself Govind Balhara. I just pass out my llb, but i have no knowledge about law. I wana service in judiciary. Can u plz. helg me by sending syllabus of judiciary exam and also the tricks and way to prepare myself for the same.

    with Regards

    1. Hi Govind
      Don’t worry – most people think that. You will get through this and realise that law is about more than just sections and provisions. It has rational, common sense and steps that you have to follow in order to reach a conclusion. If you get through the judiciary exam, your training will be more than sufficient. Plus, the longer work, more you will learn. Lemme know what exam you are appearing for and where are you from. Let’s take it from there.

  16. Respected Sir,
    i am studying at Gujarat national law university pursuing my B.A L.L.B degree. After passing out i’ ll be appearing for the judicial service exam thus need to know that which all states exam can i give as some of the state have their local language paper. Beside this i need to know that which are the best coaching centre for judicial service exams. as i am starting the preparation now can u please tell me which is the best method to go about for the studies.

    1. Hi Jaideep

      You can pretty much write any exam you want. It’s mostly with regard to the reserved categories that states will not treat candidates at par. Please note that i said you can write most exams; it does not mean you will get equal treatment fair and square. I would not have any idea about coaching institutes in your city. Talking to your professors and seniors is the way to go. Most of the people clearing the judiciary papers are very eager to help so try and contact some one from your city. As to the best method of studying, I can only help you chalk out a plan that works for you. So get back to me with what year you are in, what are your study habits – preferences like.

  17. Hello sir,
    I am a 4th year student in National Law Institute University, Bhopal,its not my hope but well desired to join judicial services. Sir please advise me how I should start from the beggning. Sir, please give me directions for which book I shpuld prefer or if u have old papers of rajasthan judicial services or any others judicial services. I need to know all about proedures , sample papers,timings and guidelines for the preprations. if you have the exam papers please send me on my mail id

  18. Sir

    I have just entered my 5th year in law and want to start my preparation for Delhi Judicial Services and Haryana Judicial Services. Please guide me that how to start and which subject should I begin with and pl. advise me what should be my approach i.e. whether to go through the basic books first or read the commentaries and recent case laws on each section.

  19. sir,

    i am in 2nd yr ofthree yrs law course from pune university. can u plz provide me with previous year question papers of prelims of rjs exam

  20. Respected Sir,
    I’m a student of 7th sem in B.A.,LL.B(Hons.)5 years integrated course,I need your guidance to crack the judiciary exams imediately after the completion of my degree,please suggest me few good coaching providers in Delhi and Is it necessary to take coahing for the exams?also from where I can get the information related these exams.
    with regards

  21. Sir,
    I wanted preparation of RHJS, wants some guidance of this examination, syllabus, study materials, books and how preparation of this examination. Rakesh Goyal

  22. respected members
    i wana know about the syallbus for judiciary exam. and also the institute’s for coaching in delhi. i will b gratefull to u if u help me out

    1. Hi Sunita

      My experience is rather limited with coaching institutes. Like I have said before they are a big help but they are not the only way to make. From notes and experiences of my friends, I would say try out Rahul’s IAS classes in New Delhi. They have good notes and I have been told that the faculty is very knowledgeable and helpful.

  23. respectfully sir,please give me some directions for judicial services entrance exams and which book i should prefer?can u plz help me by sending syllbus of judiciry exams and also the some tricks for this exams for me.sir plz send some of model papers and previous years question papers(solved)of delhi,uttrakhand and u.p. judicial services exam on my I.d.

  24. sir plz send me some model papers,full syllabus and kindly provide me solved question papers of delhi,u.p. and uttrakhand judicial services exam.

    1. hi, there are universal books available for each state.. you can have all the previous questions and model test papers too.. gud luck.

  25. respected sir ,please give me directions for judiciary entrance exams
    can u provide the syllabus for delhi judicial service examinations . sir plz send some model papers and previous years question papers on my .

  26. Respected Sir,
    I am planning to prepare for rajasthan judicial services. kindly give me details regarding the syllabus and suggest me good coaching centers for its preparations. and if any sample papers as well as previous years question papers are available, then please send them on my email id.
    and i will be very thankful to you if you give me any kind of tips regarding preparation of this exam.
    THANK YOU. 🙂

  27. sir i m preparing for judiciary plz send me some model paper,full syllabus and kindly provide me solved question papers of haryana & delhi judicial service exam.

  28. hello sir,
    i have just completed my LL.B so just started preparing for HARYANA judiciary.. KINDLY MAIL ME THE “SYLLABUS AND PERVIOUS YEAR PAPER..
    with Regards

  29. ur advice is worth,can u plz forward the solved sample papers of haryana judiciary mains exam,i want to know how to write in mains

  30. Hell sir i m rajesh from HP. Sir i m student of 4th sem of 3yr program & want to be a judge. I think i m not so intelligent but i m ready to do everything to achieve my goal. I m 27 yrs old. Sir please guid me about exams,syllabus,coaching institutes located nearby &method of study i will be so thankful of u.

  31. Respected sir,

    i am pursuing LLB student. In future i will give rjs exam. so please you can provide me last year question papers and your valuable guidance for preparing for rajasthan judicial service.

  32. hi i did my B. A LLB in 2010. after that i did job in LPO. but now i have left it for the preparation of judicial exams. i live in chandigarh. i do not wish to join any coaching institute but i need some guidance about how to start and what to study and from which books. i want to prepare for haryana and punjab judiciary. Kindly provide me all the guidance step wise. It shall be of great help.


  33. i would be much thankful if you can mail me some tips for the next 2 months when you find time. I am to appear for the judicial service examination in tamil nadu. kindly help

    1. Hi Raman

      Don’t lose hope. IMHO, the trick is to study smart instead of studying lots. If you identify your strengths and weakness and use them to your advantage, you will be astonished how easily you will complete your potions and do well in the exams. Please get back to me with a little bit more detail about yourself and what papers you are attempting. Maybe we can chart a plan and see if that works.

      Keep at it and best of luck!

  34. respected sir , sir i am student of 4th year . i would be thankful to you if you provide me haryana judicial service syllabus .
    thank you sir .

    1. Hi Prikshit

      That is great that you are looking start preparation early for judicial exams. I have a slightly older version of syllabus available. In case you are interested, let me know – I will mail it across or put it up on the blog. Take care and Best of luck with the studies.

  35. hey this was of great help, i am in my sixth semester and i just thought of taking judicial service as a career option. so now i am starting from the scratch, i am not a bright student in college but nevertheless i know i can study, so anyway how do i start? up till now the people i have come across who have even a little knowledge about this say that is is very difficult to crack judiciary btw i wanna appear for Rajasthan judiciary. so, should i work on GK and english and some main law subjects like constitutional law and criminal law or something else because i just have 2 years in hand.

    1. Wow! You are starting early and that is a good thing. Don’t worry about how you fare in college. Trust me on that. But you can focus more on the core subjects while in college. For example, with regard to contracts, family law and constitutional law – you can use your college resources and relatively more available free time as a student to prepare notes and understand the subjects well. That does come through in the mains as well as the interview.

      I would not say that judiciary is difficult to crack. But you will have to put in effort. If you clear the prelims, does not mean that you are essential ready for the mains or at a later stage, the interview. There are couple of books that specifically deal with previous years Rajasthan papers and their answers… Take a look but do not start studying to fit in that profile. That is the dangerous bit.

      If you would kindly give me a little more time, I will email you about the rest of the things?

  36. you think coaching would help? and i saw the list of law subjects i will have to study so will i have to study all those subjects thoroughly or just the important portions? and how many students appear for RJS (approx.) and how many get selected?
    thank you for your time

    1. Hi Monika

      Coaching helps. But I have seen people do really well even without. Like I have said else where, studying smart matters. That means you should not get bogged down by impulse to know everything about law. It also implies that papers follow patterns. Though you can’t afford selective studying, recognising these patterns goes a long way. I don’t have a figure about the people who fill the forms, who give the papers.

      You can def take more than one exam or board. There is an age limit rather than one on attempts. If you have the domicile of Rajasthan for example, you stand to benefit from age relaxation clauses, reservations, etc. If you were to appear for any other board, you will have usually have to appear in General Category.

    I am a student national law school.i will complete my 3rd year in april.i want to take m.p. judiciary exam.suggest me some books , syllabus ,previous year question paper.

  38. hello sir,
    i have juST completed my LL.B so just started preparing for PUNJAB judiciary.. KINDLY MAIL ME THE “SYLLABUS AND PERVIOUS YEAR PAPER..
    with Regards

  39. Sir,

    I intend to appear for Delhi Judicial Services (DJS) Exam, whenever it is notified next. I appeared for DJS prelims earlier but could not complete my paper. I would be obliged if you help me with study techniques and basic books required for prelims as well as for mains. Also if you could guide me, whether joining a coaching class is advisable. I am aware of the fact that there is more stress on self study for such exams, if that be the case, I am really looking forward for some valuable suggestions from your end.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Priya

      Lemme know what subjects you had difficulty with and lets see if something can be planned out. Emailing me would be a better option so that if you are more comfortable discussing your study habits and what do consider your weak points that need attention.

      1. Thank you sir for your reply. Can u please give me your mail address, i tried searching for the same on ur blog, but could not find one.

    1. I am yet to come across any minimum percentage required in 12th for appearing in Judicial Examinations. However, 45% to 55% minimum percentage in graduation is required depending upon the category applied under and the particular state’s reservation policy.

  40. Sir, i wand previous years paper of mains of delhi & haryana judiciary. Tell me also this why they provide bare acts & how can we utilised them?

  41. hello sir,
    i’m from gujarat and i ‘m going to attend the jmfc exams this june so please e-mail me objective type question papers… thanks in advance

  42. Could you please recommend me which books to study for:
    1. Indian Contract Act;
    2. CPC;
    3. Cr.P.C.;
    4. Evidence Act and
    5. Constitution.
    As well as other main subjects in DJS

  43. hello sir, i have given final year llb exams and want to start the prepration for judiciary. my priority would be delhi, up and haryana. i have 3 queries. 1. how many hours should a person put in for studies on an average basis. 2. how can i improve the writing skills required in mains. 3. how to use the bare act in the best possible way as the language and word used are quite technical. waiting for ur replay..

  44. hello sir, I request you to clear my doubt about the following problem

    I am preparing for district judge exam for orissa state. on 2010 I had taken franchisee from a share trading company and worked with them for some months. Now I am not working for that company but officially have not closed the franchisee. Does it affect me if I will be selected for the district judge. plz help me

  45. Another thing sir,do i need to go through all the text books or the study material specially available would be enough?

    1. Hi Reena.

      I would suggest at least one good thorough read and one glance at the marked/highlighted things. There are some issues which are often repeated due to their nature and you would do well to focus on them after covering your basics. Wrt the study material, depends on whether it is a standard issue of class you have joined, a student’s notes or slightly abbreviated content of all subjects rolled in one by publishers? For state exams, they do (in my experience) have favourite texts and reference material so you should cover that but I would not recommend skipping texts.

  46. Hlo sir, m 4yr student in law and i m searching for mains and prelims solved sample papers…….kindly help me and plz send me these papers if u have……eagerly waiting for reply

    1. For UPSC or judicial exams? For UPSC, the question paper is available at their site. I am almost done with topic wise compilation of question for mains and it should be up by month end.

  47. i am trying to crack HCS judicial service exam this time. Is universal a good book for that. I have heard that most of the questions for prelims are set from that book.

    1. Hi Nidhi

      Universal is a good place to start but I think there are two versions. Don’t go for the one which has mcqs in order of Sections.

      There have been instances where certain portions have been lifted directly. But I think with the Honorable High Court involved, you will have to cover the entire portion.

  48. hi

    i completed LLB from Du in 2009 and CS in 2012. worked in an LPO for almost 2 years. am interested in getting a govt. job. i have also cleared the IBPS specialist officers exam this year. i have applied for chattisgarh judiciary exams. plz help me with how to study AND WHAT TO STUDY. I AM COMPLETELY CLUELESS. THE PRELIM EXAM IS ON 4/11/12. ALSO, PLZ TELLME WHEN DELHI JUDICIARY EXAMS WILL BE HELD.

  49. respected sir,
    i am preparing for rajasthan judicial services. my query is that i am preparing on my own relying on bare acts and notes which i made during LLB and textbooks .will that suffice? buti still feel whatever i study need to be brush up.will any coaching institute be helping hand to me? and kindly suggest me some books and coaching institute in rajasthan which will be helpful for rjs.

  50. Hi Sir… I’m a LLM student and I really want to prepare for Judicial Exam is it necessary that I join a coaching institute or do you think one can prepare themselves too ? Cause people who have done coaching make me nervous for I feel they’ll know much more and in a more organised manner.

    Eager for a positive reply.

    Thank you.

  51. Dear sir,

    I wish to prepare for mains exams but do not have an idea how to start my prepration. plz help me on urgent basis.

    Thank u !!

  52. Hello Sir,
    i wish to apply for JMFC from mah State. i had certai queries wish u solve them..
    1) Does the choice of City Centre matter for selection?as mah as nagpur(32), mumbai (35) and aurangabad (15)
    2) Can u suggest certain books or materials as i had been out of the field for about 9 years and wish to apply for the exams.
    3) what pattern of studyshall u advice to crack the exams.

    Thanks in advance
    Vaishali C.

  53. Hello sir,i’ve passed my ba.llb. I’m preparing for u.p judicial services. Should i join any coaching or self study will b sufficient.plz guide me about g.s.paper. Which study material i’ve to prefer fr that. Thanx

  54. Hello sir,i’ve passed my ba.llb. I’m preparing for u.p judicial services. Should i join any coaching or self study will b sufficient.plz guide me about g.s.paper. Which study material i’ve to prefer fr that.

  55. I am llb srconfyear stundent and I want to join judiciary exam and wants to know which subjects have to be streesed and all guideline tell me about this

  56. i am from pb. state and doing llb second year.please tell me syllbus of pb. judiciary syllabus and how much take time if I study only by books and also used to internet

  57. sir i jst hav passd ma ll.b n now i m optng to go for judicials i stay in west bengal n i dont knw how to start it so plez help

    1. respected sir ,
      sir , i recently saw ur reply … n as per ur suggestn i hv started preparng for mains before prelimin , but sir there is some confusion which is going on in my mind , n i need a right guidance which i can get from uh . if i can ur mail id then i can discuss my study plan with uh .. n able to get right guidance please sir help me ….… on this if u can send me ur id or reply i vl b obliged .
      thank uh

  58. HI,
    i am preparing for Punjab higher judicial examination can u provide me last years solved papers or any other material, so relevant and helpfull for me.

    1. Hi Ritesh,

      I get a lot of requests for sample papers and books. I cannot supply them to all. Thus, I often have these ‘contests’ wherein you can win a copy of the latest mcqs, important books, etc. So I’d suggest stick around for the next contest and try your luck.

      Best of luck!

  59. hello sir i want to prepare for delhi judicial service .. i want to know how should i write an answer in mains as i have not taking coachings n will u please guide me sir .. ? thank uh hoping to get a reply

  60. hello sir i want to prepare for delhi judicial service .. i want to know how should i write an answer in mains as i am not taking coachings n will u please guide me sir .. ? thank uh hoping to get a reply

    1. Hi Prachi,

      Though I am late in replying, please don’t worry about nothing going to a coaching centre. I know of many people who cleared it on their own. Consistency is key here. For mains, please ensure that your basics are covered and you know the relevant case laws. For this, you should ideally study for the mains before the prelim studies. For the format of answer, there are many solved question papers of earlier exams, please go through them and notice the pattern and presentation of law.

      Hope you did well.

  61. hi
    i am wanting to clear the DJSE 2014…im nearly on my last attempt age-wise. i hav bout 2.5 months for preparations of the prelims n i m not prepared at all… however im ready to put in every bit of mine into d study n i hope to work very hard. please guide me on my e-mail id. seeking Gods’ Blessings n my Sincere efforts.

  62. Hello sir , I m a 5th yr. Law student , bt I dont know how to start preparing for judiciary………. any 10yrs. Or sample papers or stuff like that

    1. Mcqs for the prelims and solved papers for the Mains are available in the market, specific to which exam you are giving. It is good that you are trying to get a head start. Best of luck!

    1. The notification isn’t out yet, as per my information. I’d suggest you bookmark the Sarkari Naukari blog and check up on notifications there.

  63. Hi,
    At the outset, let me say that this yomen service that you are doing here is worth appreciating.
    I am an engineer switching careers to judiciary.
    I am based out of Delhi.
    I missed out DJS by 6 marks this time and now I plan resign to devote myself full time to law for upcoming HJS and MPJS.
    As I have no coaching experience, I rely mostly on internet for guidance which is not much.
    Can u suggest to me whether Its essential to memorize bare acts for prelims?
    Are the AK Jain three Volume guides sufficient for Pre+Mains?
    Also, If convenient, Please inbox me ur email address at

  64. I want to know that for preparing judiciary one has to cover all the sections of CPC. and crpc because the ambit of both these procedure is very broad.

    1. It is important that you are well versed in procedural law. But for the exam do you need to know all the sections? No. There are some topics that receive way more attention like charge, notices, res judicata, Stay of suit, etc. If you flip through a previous question paper, you will get a rough idea of what they are looking for. In mains while you are attempting application based questions, the overall knowledge and specific sections both are needed.

  65. Hey Iam a law graduate from West Bengal and I would like to know about the procedure for applying Delhi Judicial exam

    1. Hi Ashis, the notification for DJS is not out as yet. Stay tuned to blogs like sarkarinaukari or check this link for the announcement As long as you fulfill the criteria, you can obtain the form from the Registrar (after the notification is out). The instructions will be appended to the notification.

  66. Hello sir
    I m Tejaswani Dua,and i m pursuing law from amity university and i m in 1 year of BA LLB(H) and i wish to pursue judiciary in the coming future.I was keen to ask if i could start preparing for my preliminary and mains paper from now only so that by the time i m graduate, i could appear for these exams without wasting any extra time.Please reply to my query sir.I will be highly obliged,

    1. Hi Tejaswani,
      Of course, an early start is a good start. However, you might want to take time to observe how legal principles are to be understood and applied initially. I’d recommend starting next year if you are that keen. Division of subjects that you study will have to be determined as per you understanding and growth. And while you are studying, it is easier to gather requisite know-how for mains. You can use the time to make notes (and save tons of time later) and prelim prep will the last. This way you can be ready before you pass out and yet avoid stressing yourself in 4th and 5th year.

    1. Hi Geeta, there is no limit on number of trys in judicial exams like in the UPSC. You have to be eligible with reference to age (upto 40 plus relaxation for junior division, minimum 35 years for ADJ,etc), experience (none for junior division, seven years for ADJ) and such.

  67. My prime aim of life is to become a JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE, but I’m really raw for this field. I’m doing LAW(hons.) from Lucknow University.Please guide me the best way.

    a. When to start my practice as trainee in court?
    b. From where I can get study material ?
    c. Is there necessity of coaching?
    d. Any other relevant information for me; being a fresher of this field.

    1. Any practical experience that you might get as an intern with a practising lawyer will stand you in good stead. The study material is pretty basic and there are stand book that most aspirants follow such as Universals or Rashids. Coaching is not necessary provided you can stick to your study plan and do not fall into the impulse of trying to do everything.

      1. Sir! Please,suggest some right books for syllabus of UPPCS-J.
        I’ll be thankful to you.

    1. Hey Nitin, I don’t have those with me yet. 2011 paper is available on the Rajasthan govt site and the 2016 prelim paper, I am uploading today. You can try Hanumant or facebook forums.

  68. I am a 1st year student of 5 year Bba.Llb programe and I think I will get failed in this year. Do am I eligible for judicial exam after completing my Bb.Llb. If I got year back in 1 year .
    Please answer as soon as possible .

    1. Hi Adnan, sorry to hear that it’s taking you time to find your feet with studies/exams. Don’t panic, stay calm, make a simple plan and follow it. You will do great.

      There is no requirement to clear your LLB in one shot to appear for judiciary. If you want further confirmation to calm yourself, you can look up any advertisement for judicial recruitment – they just require a valid degree.
      Best of luck.

    1. Hi Akansha, You can get previous papers from any legal shop for almost all states. Else, you can try Hanumant or join Facebook Forums where people share papers.

      I have uploaded Haryana papers so far. Today, I will be putting up the RJS 2016 prelim paper.

  69. How many months can be suffice for coaching and which can be best place offering coaching for Judicial Exams?

    1. Ideally, the studying cycle could range from 9 months to 1 year. But there are a lot of variables – whether you have just passed out (might be lesser than), your practice provides exposure to relevant codes, etc.

      I don’t know about the best place since I haven’t taken any coaching. But I have heard a lot about Rahul’s in New Delhi. In any case, I’d recommend getting a copy of class notes of any institute, is possible and see where they focus.

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